ADA Compliance

Ensuring ADA compliance for GCL passengers will not merely be about meeting legal requirements; it will be about opening a world of opportunity and independence with safety at the forefront. ADA compliance removes barriers, allowing passengers with disabilities to travel safely for work, leisure, or simply to connect with loved ones. It fosters a sense of belonging and dignity, reminding everyone that transportation options should be accessible, safe, and inclusive.

ADA Guidelines

The GCL project adheres to the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring that our stations, trains, and facilities are safe and accessible to all users, including individuals with disabilities.

Stations & Trains

As the GCL stations and trains are being designed, safety and accessible paths of travel, conforming to the ADA at a minimum, will be a top priority.  These will feature:

  • RAMPS & ELEVATORS: All stations will be equipped with well-illuminated, accessible paths of travel, including ramps at ground level stations and elevators at elevated stations to provide easy access to parking lots and platforms.
  • ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION: Ticketing machines and information kiosks will be positioned at accessible heights, with clear signage and braille labels for visually impaired passengers.
  • LEVEL BOARDING & PRIORITY SEATING: The trains will feature platform level boarding to ensure proper boarding for all passengers. When on the train, disability seating will be prioritized and will be designated by signage.

Assistive Services

Assistive services for rail passengers include various support and accommodations designed to help people with disabilities navigate the train travel experience smoothly and independently. In addition to the stations and trains, the GCL will accommodate assistive services to support passengers. Support services under consideration include:

  • VISUAL IMPAIRMENT ASSISTANCE: This includes supplying information in Braille or audio format, guiding passengers through stations, and describing the layout of trains.
  • HEARING IMPAIRMENT ASSISTANCE: This includes using amplification devices, supplying written transcripts of announcements, and using sign language to communicate.
  • SERVICE ANIMALS: GCL passengers will be able to travel with trained service animals.