GCL Trains

The GCL trains will revolutionize how commuters and travelers experience South Jersey. With comfort, safety, and ease of travel as top priorities, the GCL empowers you to choose how you spend your journey. Catch up on work, binge-watch your favorite show, or lose yourself in a captivating book – the possibilities are endless aboard the GCL trains.

Train Service

Train service will operate seven days a week. From 5 AM to 9 PM, trains will run every 15 minutes. After 9 PM, trains will run every 30 minutes until midnight.

The following table shows estimated travel times between select locations:

FromTo CamdenTo Philadelphia
(via PATCO Transfer)
Glassboro37 minutes50 minutes
Woodbury22 minutes35 minutes

The exact interval between trains at any specific point along the line cannot be determined until a final schedule is prepared. This will be done before the GCL is in operation.

Train Type

The Project Team is evaluating the latest and alternative technologies and working with vehicle suppliers as part of the preliminary design phase. Some technologies under consideration include self-powered, zero emission, and biofuel vehicles — referred to as Multiple Units or MUs — are also being explored.

The type of train selected will need to be capable of operating in the existing mixed-use rail corridor. Trains will also need to be at-grade, having low-floor cars to allow for level boarding and ADA accessibility.

The trains will run in two-car sets that can hold up to 300 passengers. The trains will be designed with the capability of adding a third car as ridership demand increases. Stations will also be designed to span three-car sets.


Imagine …

You approach the GCL light rail platform and breathe a sigh of relief as the spacious interiors welcome you, offering comfortable seats. Designated seating ensures the elderly or those with physical limitations can sit comfortably, while digital displays and friendly announcements keep you informed and in control. As you glide through the South Jersey towns along dedicated tracks, the roar of traffic fades, replaced by the gentle hum of progress. Panoramic views unfold while you utilize the free Wi-Fi for your phone, lose yourself in a captivating book, or simply relax during the smooth, quiet journey. So come aboard, settle in, and prepare to experience the joys of a GCL train ride—from boarding to the seamless arrival at your destination.

Riding the GCL will be focused on your user experience, from beginning to end:

  • Spacious Interiors: Compared to buses, light rail cars offer more standing and seating room, reducing the feeling of being cramped.
  • Designated Seating: Priority seating areas will be identified for passengers with disabilities and the elderly, to ensure everyone has a comfortable spot.
  • Information Screens and Announcements: Onboard displays and audio announcements will keep you informed about upcoming stops and potential delays.
  • Smooth and Quiet Journey: Glide through the city on dedicated tracks, enjoying a smoother and quieter ride than on busy roads.
  • Scenic Views: Depending on the route, you might be treated to panoramic cityscapes, parks, or even glimpses of nature.
  • Work or Relax: Use the free Wi-Fi to catch up on emails, browse the web, or simply lose yourself in a book during your commute.
  • Clear Announcements and Signage: Easily identify your stop through onboard announcements and clear platform signage.
  • Connecting to Other Transit: Many stations seamlessly connect to bus routes, bike lanes, or even subways for onward travel.
  • ADA Accessibility Features: Step-free exits, ramps, and elevators ensure a smooth transition back to street level. Learn more about ADA Compliance.