GCL Stations

The GCL restores passenger rail service along an existing rail line traversing Glassboro, Pitman, Sewell, Mantua Township, Deptford Township, Woodbury Heights, Woodbury, Westville, Brooklawn, Gloucester City, and Camden. Stations will be located approximately every one-to-two miles.

GCL Stations

While station design is not yet complete at this point in the preliminary engineering design phase, every GCL station will be ADA accessible.

Stations will have either center platform boarding or side platform boarding.

Stations with center platforms will have tracks on both sides. Trains move in opposite directions, inbound on one side and outbound on the other. Commuters can transfer between sides without leaving the platform.

Stations with side platforms have tracks between the platforms. Trains move in opposite directions between the platforms.

Many factors influence which type of platform a station has – space, track layout, and volume of commuters are only a few. The GCL Project Team is exploring the complexity of these factors now in the preliminary engineering design phase.

Safety is a priority for the GCL. The four-quadrant gate will protect pedestrians and vehicle passengers. It blocks the road leading away from railroad tracks in both directions during a train crossing. Sidewalk crossings are barred with gates too. Why is this significant? It prevents people and cars from illegally trying to bypass the train tracks when an approaching train is coming from the distance.

Station Renderings

Prototypical renderings of the proposed stations shown below and will be updated with more detail throughout preliminary engineering design.