Posted on May 7, 2024

Surveying in the Field: April 2024

Robinson Aerial Surveys and Colliers Engineering & Design (RAS/Colliers) are collaborating on a field survey project in Camden and Gloucester Counties. This initiative aims to precisely map the existing railroad right-of-way for the future Glassboro-Camden Line construction.

What We’re Doing

The crews will be carefully examining the right-of-way, recovering essential evidence such as monuments, bridges, structures, markers, and other identifiable points. This meticulous process allows for highly accurate plotting of the railroad boundaries.

What to Expect

Safety First:

  • All RAS/Colliers personnel have completed the mandatory CONRAIL Safety Training, ensuring their safety while working near the rail corridor.
  • Flaggers will be present to guide crews and maintain safety protocol.

Visible Crew Presence:

  • Crews will be readily identifiable in marked company vehicles (vans or pick-up trucks) displaying the RAS/Colliers name, logo, and contact details.
  • This work will not disrupt local traffic flow.

Survey Techniques:

  • Primarily, one- or two-person teams will utilize high-precision GPS receivers to pinpoint survey monuments and physical features in three dimensions. This method helps us accurately define the railroad property lines.

Minimal Fieldwork Impact:

  • Upon completion, the only trace of their presence might be occasional survey ribbon markers left behind for future reference, should the need arise to relocate specific features.

Project Transparency

RAS/Colliers is committed to keeping the community informed. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as these crews in the field continue working towards the next steps and advancement of the Glassboro-Camden Line project.

Photo gallery below: