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Glassboro-Camden Line Representatives Talk about New Developments with SGA

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

NOTE: The Final EIS document (published February 2021) is too large in file size to contain in a single PDF document. Therefore, the EIS Chapters and Technical Reports have been broken down into individual files (PDF). Please click on the Chapter/Technical Report link to view and/or download the document.


00. Cover, TOC, and Front Materials
00. Executive Summary
01. Project Description
02. Environment Prior to the Implementation of the Project
03. Environmental Consequences
04. Avoidance Measures and Mitigation
05. Unmitigated Impacts
06. Alternatives
07. References
08. List of Preparers


01. Natural Resources Technical Report
02. Wetland Delineation Technical Report

03. Man-Made Resources Technical Report
04. Hazardous Materials Technical Report
05. Traffic Analysis Technical Report
06. Transit Analysis Technical Report
07. Cultural Resources Technical Report

08. Safety and Security Technical Report
09. Parklands Technical Report
10. Air Quality Technical Report
11. Noise and Vibration Technical Report
12. Acquisitions and Displacements Technical Report
13. Responses to Comments

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Passenger train will help this N.J. county grow | Opinion

“I don’t see many letters or statements of approval for the line, but I could not go any longer without writing about my immense support. As a Mantua Township resident for my entire 18 years of life, I have watched my town, along with Glassboro and the Rowan University main campus, grow and evolve. It is hard for me to understand why community members who oppose the project say that, this time, we shouldn’t grow.”

N.J. region needs vitality of light-rail passenger line | Letters

“The light-rail line would offer an alternative to automobile dependency by restoring passenger rail service to communities with very limited public transit options. It would also have an immediate environmental benefit by reducing the level of congestion on our increasingly overburdened roadways. This can have a significant impact on the single greatest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey.”